Friday, May 22, 2009

Alliance Statement of Faith

Hi Alliance Friends-

Below is a very basic Statement of Faith. It is one that I have used in another ministry. It is "cross-denominational" and I think you'll find these truths to be basic to all Christians. I especially LOVE #6! That's a picture of this Alliance!


~ One God in three Persons—Father, Son and Holy Spirit

~ Jesus Christ’s deity, virgin birth, sinless humanity, substitutionary death, atoning blood, bodily resurrection and ascension to Heaven.

~ The entire Bible is God’s infallible revelation to man

~ Salvation by faith alone, through grace alone, in Jesus Christ alone

~ The resurrection of the body: eternal glory for believers in Heaven, and everlasting punishment for unbelievers in Hell

~ The one true church, the body of Christ, consisting of all believers

~ Obedience to our Lord’s command to lead people of all nations to faith in Christ and to growth in Christ-likeness

~ Christ’s personal return to establish His Kingdom on earth

~ The Holy Spirit indwells and empowers believers and is given as a seal and a pledge of our inheritance in Jesus Christ

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hi Alliance Friends-

Since Biltmore Baptist was not an option for our next meeting, we will meet at Merrimon Ave. Baptist Church. We will meet there on Sat. June 13th at 9AM.

Just so you know, the church will be having a men's breakfast that morning...but that should have little impact on us. There will be signs directing people from the Alliance to the room where the meeting will take place.

Everyone should enter the building from the double glass doors in the back. If any one needs directions the church's address is:

Merrimon Avenue Baptist Church
283 Merrimon Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Welcome to the WNC Alliance Blog!

Hi Alliance Friends! It was so good to meet all of you today. Isn't it wonderful that God has given us all a heart for the forgotten and brought us together for this purpose? Praise to the Father to the Fatherless! He alone is worthy of our praise!

Let's all begin to pray for what is ahead for this group. I consider it a great privilege to lock arms with you and march on the battlefield of the fatherless!

In the days ahead I will post a statement of faith for you all to review. I will bring a copy of it to the next meeting, Sat. June 13, for each of us to sign.
Also, if you have something that you would like to be posted here on the blog for the entire Alliance to see and know about, please email it to me at and I will copy and paste it on the blog for you.

With each posting, I will add a picture of an orphan or orphans from around the world, (many from my travels), just to make the posting more interesting.

Each of you needs to click on the this blog's sidebar where it says, "subscribe" and enter your email address. Follow the directions given to ensure you get an email update each time a post is made to this blog.

Marching Beside You on the Battlefield of the Forgotten,
Lorie Newman
PS- Sorry I couldn't get our "official title" in the heading of this blog exactly the way we discussed today-- it wouldn't fit unless I compressed it! :-)